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What They’re Saying

Alex Anderson

I received some creative coaching from Katie, and I have never met a more fearless quilter!  She gives herself – and her students – permission to do ANYTHING!  With Katie, it’s OK to explore, to have fun, to make mistakes, to take creativity to new extremes, to let go of judgment and have the courage to try anything. My quilting experience has changed because of her, and all for the better!

Kathy Bonafede

Absolutely life changing talk today..... I heard comments over and over and over that quilters felt affirmed and validated, not only in personal creativity, but emotionally in the self talk we hear inside our heads. Transformation is a process, and rarely does a speaker peel back layers to go deeply into the heart. You did a transformative talk ......  it accomplished peeling layers ......  penetrated deeply in only an hour ....  Affirmed women in their issues ..... relieved long held, privately rehearsed, self deprecating opinions of failure...... clearing a broad and open path for connections between creative.... 
It is a joy to know you.

Gayle Visher

As I mentioned, the Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association just had an amazing speaker/teacher.  Katie Fowler, from the Denver area, did an exceptional job engaging our diverse quilting community which numbers nearly 500.  She was dynamic, entertaining, and knowledgeable.  After her presentation we were inundated with requests to be added to her class the following day.  We were able to facilitate some but not all of these requests.

Mary V.

Katie, thank you for the wonderful class at festival.  I am still inspired and have been imagining 6 impossible things before I go to sleep and after I wake in the morning.  I have discovered if I do something creative, sew, play my piano, or even just sort fabric, I am more willing to do the mundane duties of housework.  You are a genius!

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