Sometimes I have to close my laptop and pick up a pen or pencil. I’ll admit it, ideas just flow better with pen and paper for me. 

I don’t even have to write about anything in particular. I just write. Some call this “stream of consciousness.” Julia Cameron calls it “Morning Pages” in her book The Artists Way. I don’t have rules, or minimum number of pages, I just try to write… MOST days. 

I like to use lovely books and lots of colors. It somehow quiets my thoughts so there is room for creativity. Sometimes I write about a project, the creative process, or some other relevant subject. Other times I write about whatever is on my mind. Maybe a “Ta Da” list celebrating my recent accomplishments! The important thing is starting.  

Give yourself the gift of spending a few moments in your own good company with a cup of tea and a purple pen. You’ll thank yourself for this small gesture.