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I have the skills, knowledge, and heart to help you move into your best creative self. My approach is gentle and non-linear… No “To Do” lists, only “Ta Da” lists. I will guide you to your creative bliss using simple and effective tools.

Sonnet 116, by Katie Fowler, Gregory Case, Photographer

​Check out my book,
An Artist’s Journey through Wonderland!
​It’s a great way to get to know me and my message. You have all the answers inside. I have the questions that allow you to discover your own unique answers.
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“Beautifully done and so insightful about what paralyzes all that’s interesting and fun and creative about ourselves. Your book lets me know why I have so much trouble grabbing the dipper and reaching down. I never liked Alice in Wonderland; she was too weird for me. You’ve made me understand her a little bit. Thank you for that. I loved your color use, your fanciful drawings, and how well you expressed yourself. In all, a real achievement and one that I hope many, many people read and enjoy as much as I did. I feel certain that I will read it again and again. And learn something new each time.”  ​- Judy, Artist, CO

“I am a retired United Methodist minister and am writing a book on my theology. The general direction of the book and the thrust of your book run on parallel lines. In fact some of the authors you use as resources are some of the authors I have found helpful. For example Epictetus, and Csikszentmihalyi are some of the theologians I like to quote. Your book is an important effort to encourage people who cannot find their creative edge. I like what you’ve done and am grateful for the opportunity to read it. Hopefully, there will be other Katie Fowler books in the future.” ​- Charles, Theologian, CO

“This book is a must have for any artist or anyone who wishes to be an artist or more creative in their daily life. Every page resonates with me as I read it and understand that I am not alone in my doubts or anxieties about calling myself an artist. Katie covers all of the topics that have arisen in my journey as an artist, and even some that I have not yet encountered. With this book as a guide, I am already more confident in calling myself an artist! Now I know how to handle the stumbling blocks that prevent me from being creative.” ​- Ellen, Amazon Reader Review

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