I wish I had come up with the phrase “Life is a verb.” I love it for so many different reasons. It prompts me to action. I’m learning as I go along, that the action itself isn’t as important as taking the action. In other words, it doesn’t matter what I do as much as it matters that I do something.

When thinking about my work, I sometimes find my self finding excuses rather than doing. I know this is normal, what confuses me is that my work is what feeds my soul (it’s still normal). When I am in the “zone” of creativity, all time stops, I lose myself, my worries disappear, and I am free to truly be in the moment… So, why would I rather clean out the pantry than be in that space? I think the better question is, “How can I get to that space rather than clean out the pantry?”

With a verb! I think about things WAY too much. It sometimes stops me dead in my tracks. When I’m struggling to get “to work” I trick myself by doing something. ANYTHING! The only rule? It has to be in my studio. If I come into my work space my chances of picking up my artwork are greatly multiplied. The easier I can make it on myself to start, the better. I’m always glad I started. I have never once thought, “I wish I would have seen that reveal on HGTV.” or “I should have played that next level of Candy Crush.” I AM ALWAYS GLAD TO BE MAKING SOMETHING!

Here are a few tips for making it easier to get there:

  • Leave a clean workspace so there isn’t a mess hanging over your head
  • Have your morning coffee or tea in your workspace, it will remind you why you like to be there
  • Make it a point to walk into your workspace at least once a day… I didn’t say work, I said walk into.
  • Remember small steps, very small steps… everyday, or most days, or only today.
  • Put a favorite something in your space that you only enjoy there. My studio has a lava lamp and it always makes me smile to see it!
  • Place some finished work where you can see it. When you are in your studio, you will celebrate your past successes!
  • Have a mundane task always at the ready. I have a pile of magazines waiting to have pages and projects torn out and placed in idea files. This doesn’t take much energy and all those pictures really get the creative juices flowing. 

Kaizen-Muse Coaching teaches the power of small steps. By small steps, I mean very small steps. Resistance is normal. We just need to find the tools that work the best for our unique process and learn to habitually use those tools. I sometimes amazes me how good my “forgetter” is. Habits are powerful. Make your habit a verb!