Time takes time. Today, try not fighting time. It goes by, usually faster than we expect, totally without our control or input. As I help two kids get out the door for college, it occurs to me that I guess I thought they would always be little. I guess I thought I would be driving them around and watching them do whatever they do – always. I’ll adjust to the empty nest, albeit it arrived MUCH sooner than I expected! It’s time, I am thrilled for them and this very exciting time of each of their lives.

For me, time has it’s own ideas about when things are going to happen. I have productive times, wildly creative times, dry spells, and just plain flat times. Today, I try to not fight time. Like The Rolling Stones say, “time is on our side.” I’ll not fight time any more. When I have a little bit of it, I’ll consider carefully how I’m going to spend it. Most importantly, I will focus on enjoying all of it that I can. After all, although it’s on my side, it is not an infinite commodity.

Things get done in their own time. I’ve had to change my timing on some things this summer. That’s okay… It wasn’t the right time for them to happen. I am sure they will happen exactly when and how they are meant to happen. I just need to keep moving forward and let time do its job!

Now, it’s time to go to the studio!