I love a good fortune cookie message… more than I love Chinese food. When I get a good one, I always tuck it away so I can enjoy it again and again. This one has been “tucked” for a long time.

I like to talk about perfectionism because it has been hanging around for a long time in my life.
Perfectionism is the enemy of creativity.
I have never once believed I’m perfect, but have long believed I should be.
​I have let that belief go now.
YIPPEE! I am not even close to perfect and I’m not really a perfectionist. What a relief!

I’m not really a perfectionist! I want to let that sink in because I just now realized it!. I think I’m twice removed from perfection. I have bought into the idea that I should be a perfectionist when, in fact, I am not. That should be a good place to be right?
Well, in truth it’s just another huge “SHOULD” I’ve been carrying around for a very long time.
I’m okay with “good enough.”
There I said it. I’m okay with good enough.
I want to do a good job, whatever I’m doing. But perfect? Nope.

I am so grateful that today I get to live more authentically with a lot of self-acceptance! It’s a very good place to be.

P.S. This is the back of the fortune. I guess self-acceptance is good medicine!