I like being spontaneous. I have the luxury, most of the time, to do whatever I feel like doing on any given day. I’ve learned to set up my studio to support spontaneity. My different studio endeavors are stored so that I have easy access and easy clean up.
If the mood strikes me to color a mandala on fabric, I can easily grab that bag and be good to go in about 30 seconds. The same is true for needlepoint canvases. I like to have a quilt loaded on the long arm at all times so I can just START! It works for me because it supports my whims.
I try to leave my studio ready to go (i.e. cleaned up) so that next time I can do anything I want or need to do without spending a lot of non-creative energy (i.e. cleaning up). If I have a deadline, I clean up my workspace enough so that it’s inviting to return while leaving the materials out in the workspace. It takes about 120 extra seconds. I find that time invaluable to my creative process, as I often get several ideas for the next steps as I’m folding fabric, reorganizing paints, storing brushes, or loading bobbins.
Today I think I’ll…
color tumbling block fabric mandalas!