What a perfect word for today…
Simplicity in our creative process can be so freeing. For me, I have to remember to keep my THINKING SIMPLE. I can overthink a glass of water. This morning, I’m overthinking the turkey stock, the “tablescape,” the size of the turkey I bought, and tomorrow’s feast in general! Yikes!! Overthinking is not only a huge time waster for me, it’s an excuse to procrastinate and a lovely way to work myself into a lather.
Remember the old adage, KISS, “Keep ISimple, Silly?
Simplicity goes back to perfectionism: I strive to do my best and have everything as I want it, but a mis-step in the process doesn’t mean calamity. I am not sure I’ve EVER gotten everything right, so today I’m practicing self-acceptance, doing the best I can, and letting go of the idea of perfection. The difference between true perfectionism and doing our best is that perfectionism, in the best case, sucks all the joy out of our endeavors. In the worst case, perfectionism invites shame and guilt and, in the end, paralyzes our creativity.
So, go ahead and enjoy the SIMPLE creative pleasures this busy season brings.