Art, Quits And Art Quilts


Dreamscape Quilts are journeys of the imagination. I consider these pieces to be the icing on the cake when I get to spend time making marks on fabric and discovering new landscapes… sort of.

Mandala Quilts

​The word mandala comes from the Sanskrit word meaning disk. In Hindu and Buddhist tradition, ​the mandala is a geometric form representing the Universe.

Paintings Squared

The pieces in this series are whole cloth paintings which, in the quilters’ tradition, were cut into smaller pieces and reassembled for a pieced effect.

Rock Stars And Their Songs

I LOVE rock stars and their music. This is a beginning to a series honoring my favorites… of which there are many. Different techniques have been used on each of these pieces to achieve the proper “mood.”


A little of this, a little of that… Not quite enough of anything for a series.

I am an art quilter. That’s a dangerous thing to say in the art world. People often respond, “Oh, my Great Aunt Whozee made quilts.” My pieces are not bed coverings. They are personal and meaningful expressions of who I am and my interpretation of the world around me.
I love to bend the rules of traditional quilting and create with courage.
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On Being An Art Quilter

I made my first quilt in 1996. I quickly accepted my disinterest in and inability to follow directions and began making “art” quilts as a result. I am about having fun, letting go of rules and finding joy in the creative process. I believe creativity is about connection: to self, to others, and to a higher creativity.

The Long Version

For me, creativity is about being connected. I make art to understand myself and my relationship to others and the world around me. When I made my first quilt I fell in love with the craft. This process gives me a sense of purpose and possibility. I hope my art brings a bit of happiness and a sense of possibility to the viewer.

I am an intuitive artist; I am guided by the work as it progresses. My art is about vibrant color and relationship. I especially enjoy the vivid, high contrast images I create on fabric using paints, inks, and dyes. I have been making art since I was a little girl and have found passion in mark making on fabric.

The work is based on the traditional idea of the quilt, three or more layers connected by thread. White cotton fabric is my canvas. I layer colors, line, shape, and textures using paints, inks, dyes, bleach discharge, and thread. ​

​My art is an essential part of who I am. “Making” makes me feel whole, energized and worthy. The process connects me to my Source. My art helps me to understand my own story as well as my place in the stories of others.

Sophia’s Wisdom Garden

How I Work

This piece is pinned to my design wall at the moment. It started life as a piece of white cotton fabric. I use ink and paints to “make marks” on the fabric. Because I paint on fabric, I have learned to “embrace the blob!” This piece was drawn small and enlarged to about 24″ square. The lines were then traced onto the fabric and color was added. Next, it will be layered (remember, it’s a quilt!) and stitched! Stay tuned for the finished piece!

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