I can easily lose track of time when I am on the internet. Somehow, I think I’m going to check my emails
and make sure I don’t need to reply to anything on Facebook. Sometimes an hour has passed and I’m watching videos of foreign singing competitions and comparing my life to the lives of my Facebook friends.

The positive of all this interconnection is that we can keep in touch with people we would have otherwise lost. The negative is that we are seeing the best of all those people we are connected to. We see only what they want to present to the world. We don’t have the opportunity to look into their eyes. We don’t have the opportunity to ask questions or interact in real time.

I have to be careful to not look at what others are doing creatively and compare myself to others. I try to post my creative struggles as well as my creative successes. I love comments on my posts and I love to connect with others through the internet. But it will never replace the support and feedback I get with “real” exchanges. It’s great to be connected on the internet, but not as great as face to face real time connection. I have to be aware of interconnected isolation. The internet is not a worthy replacement for face to face interaction.