forgive | fərˈɡiv | verb (past forgave; past participle forgiven) [with object] stop feeling angry or resentful toward (someone) for an offense, flaw, or mistake
forgiveness | ˌfərˈɡivnəs | noun the action or process of forgiving or being forgiven
I promised myself no editing when choosing cards, so here we go…
I believe that forgiveness is absolutely necessary to living a full and happy life.
But how does it relate to creativity?
Forgiveness is a key part of getting past perfectionism. I am working on my first “real” project on my new long arm quilting machine. I can be impatient which isn’t the best quality for a quilter. I knew the machine was sounding funny, but I just bulldozed on with my quilting. When I checked the back of the piece, there was, not surprisingly, a section of knots and birds nests of thread. Of course there were, the machine was trying to tell me that it wasn’t happy.
​I’m hanging this piece in a show next week and I have to decide if I have time to pick out the “rough” section or not.
Before I can make a good decision I have to forgive myself for my impulsivity (and probably compulsivity). The knots and nests are there. Do I wish I’d stopped to check sooner? Yes. Am I going to dwell on my “stupidity” (a word I try hard not to use)? No. I am forgiving myself, once again, for pushing through and denying what I know to be true. I will eventually learn this lesson. I guess I’m a very slow learner or have a very good forgetter. I have learned to forgive my mistakes and mis-steps. I now spend my energy on moving forward, rather than focusing on the should haves. I will probably never be one of those deliberate, concise, and careful makers. That just isn’t my operational style. That’s okay, I’ve forgiven myself for being who I am. I no longer resent (re-think) or get angry with myself for the way I do things. A sense of humor helps, too!