So sometimes things like websites and blogs can be frustrating. Especially if perfectionism gets in the way, like it does for me. I feel a small twinge of panic every time I push “Publish” on the web builder. What I’ve learned in my experience and training with Kaizen Muse is that it’s okay… It doesn’t have to be perfect! I’ve heard, “Small and crappy often leads to large and wonderful.” I like to say small and crappy is better than nothing at all!

I am learning to NOT QUIT! Sounds simple, but for me it isn’t. What will people think if there is a mistake on my website? What will they think if I publish it three times in one hour because I forgot to fix something? What will the think if… Some days the list goes on and on.

That is when I put my hands on my heart, thank myself for trying to help, and remind myself that it’s all OKAY! The sun will still rise in the morning if there is a typ0 on

Just DON’T quit!!