Creative Quilting Workshops & Lectures | Katie Fowler


Katie Fowler, from the Denver area, did an exceptional job engaging our diverse quilting community which numbers nearly 500.  She was dynamic, entertaining, and knowledgeable.  After her presentation we were inundated with requests to be added to her class the following day.  We were able to facilitate some but not all of these requests. She is a talented artist but even more importantly she is a gifted teacher.
-Gayle, Programs, Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association

Creative Wonderland: 
The Importance of the Looking Glass and the Rabbit Hole
Join me in a meaningful and lighthearted look at the creative process, creative blocks and effective tools for mastering creative momentum. Audience members will leave feeling validated, courageous and ready to follow the white rabbit to creative adventure. (60-90 minutes)

What Creativity Means:
​Maslow’s Hierarchy of Quilters’ Needs
Join me on a humorous and informative exploration of the culture of creativity and how our human needs are met through the creative process. (30-45 minutes)

Katie’s lecture was funny, informative, and inspirational. Katie may be an art quilter but her lecture was appealing to everyone.  I was impressed by the number of traditional quilters that told me how much they liked it. 
After the class most of the ladies told me that THIS WAS THE BEST CLASS THEY HAVE EVER TAKEN! 
​-Candy, Programs, Bayside Quilters of the Eastern Shore


All workshops are available in a two, three, four, or five day format.
​More time equals more connection, more learning, and more fun!
 Fearless Creating:
Paint, Layer, Stitch Playshop

One to five day playshops available.
​Level: all 

Participants make small whole cloth paintings, learning to use different materials for making marks on fabric. Color theory and the principles of design will be a big part of this experience, as will my special theory of “embrace the blob.” We will discuss creativity theories, blocks and useful techniques to push ourselves closer to creative bliss. I provide all supplies for your use. You just bring a paint shirt and your imagination! 

Transformed Traditional: 
A Mandala Coloring Playshop
​(well party, really)

One day playshop.
​Level: all
Be prepared to recharge your batteries and color to your heart’s content in this one day playshop. I will provide pre-printed fabric coloring sheets. We will spend the day learning how to use Derwent Inktense pencils and aloe gel to color stunning quilt pattern based mandalas 
Supply List:
Derwent Inktense Pencils
Derwent Graphtint Pencils (optional)
Derwent Metallic Pencils (optional)
High Quality Hand-held Pencil Sharpener
CLEAR aloe gel
Angle Shader sz 1/8″, Shader sz 0, Spotter sz 10/0, Chisel Blender sz 2 and sz 4
Down the Rabbit Hole
Creativity Playshop

One to four day playshop
Level: all
Expect to be reacquainted with your imagination in this special workshop. We will use a variety of experiences specifically designed to reconnect you with your unique creative self. This is not a “how to” class, but a hands on trip down the rabbit hole in search of each participant’s creative potential. 

Paint-based Surface Design and
​Deconstructed Screen Printing
Level: all
Participants learn various surface design techniques using water based paint and ink media. Color theory, principals of design, and the creative process will be discussed throughout the class. Learn about various paint and ink based surface design techniques including hand carved stamps, stencils, deconstructed screen printing, and alcohol ink. Participants will leave with a toolbox of simple and effective surface design techniques and the skills to use them effectively.

“To say you are amazing doesn’t quite cut it…but you are!  You were so wonderful last night; authentic, honest, funny, YOU!  Your book is great.  (I started reading it when I got home & lost a lot of sleep because I didn’t want to stop reading!)
Thanks so much.”   Linda, CO

“You did an awesome job last night! Your heart really shone through! You are truthfully honest! There is something so attractive about vulnerability and that’s what I heard with your sharing! Thanks for sharing your wonderfully open and honest heart! I grabbed your book as I was leaving for the airport this morning and just about to dig in! Love you and your heart!”  
– Susan. CO