What Is A Creative Life Coach?

And Why Do I Need One?

So You Can Create Like A Rock Star!

Creativity is about connection: to self, to others, and to a higher creativity.

​Creativity is not a special gift reserved for artists, but a natural part of the human experience.

We are ALL creative!

Creativity is a way of life. It’s a way to look at yourself and the world around you.

Living a creative life allows us to know ourselves and live out loud!

“I received some creative coaching from Katie, and I have never met a more fearless quilter!  She gives herself – and her students – permission to do ANYTHING!  With Katie, it’s OK to explore, to have fun, to make mistakes, to take creativity to new extremes, to let go of judgment and have the courage to try anything. My quilting experience has changed because of her, and all for the better!” -Alex Anderson, quilter

Having a creative life coach is like having the Rolling Stones as your back-up band.

“Keith Richards”, by Katie Fowler, painted on shellacked fabric, layered and stitched. Gregory Case, Photographer
I ask the right questions to help you get unstuck and find your creative bliss. I can help you pick up your paintbrush, pencil, tap shoes, or whatever it is you do to go to that Wonderland of creativity.

Together we will gaze into the Looking Glass to rediscover what you love, what stops you and what to do to get going.

​Next, we’ll go down the Rabbit Hole to find creative bliss. You can expect a tool box full of strategies to recognize and overcome issues like perfectionism, procrastination, and resistance so you can more easily realize your unique dreams and ROCK your best self!

Beastie (Ian Anderson and his flute), by Katie Fowler, Gregory Case, Photographer
Shine On (Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd), by Katie Fowler, Gregory Case, Photographer
Thred Zeppelin, by Katie Fowler, Gregory Case, Photographer

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