Okay, not exactly. I didn’t go around the world, and it hasn’t been 80 days. I have, however spent 25 of the last 31 days on the road.
It all began with a delightful trip to Midland, Texas to spend some time with the wonderful ladies of the Midland Quilters Guild. We went down the rabbit hole and spent some time being fearless with fabric and paint.
Next, I had a quick stop at home which included a “beta test” of a new class I’m working on and laundry and repacking.
After that I was off to New York City for the Creativity Workshop. A transformative four day workshop with Shelly Berc and Alejandro Fogal.  Stay tuned for my version of this wonderful experience. Shelly and Alejandro are generous and committed and have given me their blessing to take bits of their workshop and make it my own.
Next, I had a delightful visit with my sister and her family. I exercised my independence and commuted to NYC for a few artist dates at museums. It was so indulgent to go by myself and spend as much time as I wanted experiencing whatever I wanted. MoMA and the Met are the highlights.
Finally, I hopped a plane for Oslo to meet our daughter for her travel week. She is studying abroad and we spent eight days skipping from Oslo, Norway to Stockholm, Sweden and landing in Copenhagen, Denmark so she could show me her home away from home.
My jets are a bit lagged, as my friend Sue said. But I am energized and inspired by all the new things I saw and experienced. I am so ready to jump back down the rabbit hole and make stuff!