Woo Hoo! The wind is back! I am out of the doldrums! Anabatic wind is from the Greek, anabainein meaning moving upward. This little piece is one of my wind series, and I’m using it today to celebrate the end of the doldrums!

I believe in the power of talking about issues. I believe in the power of vulnerability. When I owned my story this past week, of disappointment, of acceptance, and of “stuckness”, everything changed. Last night, I dreamed vivid dreams and woke up with a plan for book illustrations. I’ve been planning, sketching, and inking all morning with an enthusiasm I have recently been unable to find.

This has happened to me before. I have learned to be patient, although it is often very uncomfortable. In the past I have worked with coaches to help me get moving. I am a certified creativity coach myself. I kept thinking this week, “Coach, coach thyself.” I remembered to talk to my support system, to think back to times I’ve gotten myself unstuck, and accept the doldrums as a temporary necessity to my creative process.

This morning, I am celebrating the wind! Now, I can’t wait to get back to those book illustrations. I would love to help you fill your creative sails!